Shirley Anne Hofmann`s EUPHORIA

"From the Depths"

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What is Shirley Anne Hofmann`s Euphoria?
Very simple. Melodies, romantic pictures or wisps of a forgotten childhood memory, presented in their bare naked beauty. Her debut solo album "From the Depths" is the culmination of a diverse musical background which took her from Böhmische Volksmusik (Bohemian folk music) through jazz to avant - pop. "From the Depths" contains a myriad of beautifully crafted songs and images.Whether it be the lilting melody of "The Lonely Moose" high up on a Canadian rocky ledge, an entire brass band belting out the romantic strains of "Momo" or, the image laden "Waltzing at Eurodisney", it is simply Shirley Anne!

Not to be overlooked are the clever lyrics and Shirley Anne`s amazingly contrasting voice . In the galloping "Bratko-toffel" you hear (and almost see) a dada-esque scenario about the circus whereas "Down In Prescott Way" tells the grim - but - true story about the disappearance of children in Shirley`s home town in Canada. Geneva cynically discusses the plight of women and includes a small, musical excursion to the garden of Eden. Mr. Data describes an unusual voyage with the schizophrenic character from Star Trek and, finally, one is lulled into dreamland during the lilting Lunar Story.

A one-woman masterpiece in which she plays everything from her speciality - the euphonium - to pocket trumpet and sousaphone. A few spices tastefully compliment this CD through the musical contributions of prominent musicians such as Pippin Barnett (the Orthotonics, Curlew, Nimal) , jazz trumpeter Peter Schärli , J.M. Rossel (Debile Menthol, Nimal) and Rupert (Der) Volz, (The Blech).

A journey "From the Depths" of your inner self to a place you might imagine to be "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

"Her music lets your inner eye see things that do not really exist ...or, if they do, then  only in far-away places." The result is a musical adventure in which she playfully (meta)morphs from one genre to the next...from the wilds of Canada to a Bohemian brass band with several stops along the way.

Chosen 3 times as "CD of the Year 1995"
in Jazzthetik`s year-end critics choice !

"Vergnügliche Details eines schillernden Reigens, der wahrlich Anlaß zu Euphorie gibt."..

Jazzthetik 10.95

"Selten genug, daß man beim ersten Anhören einer Musik gleich so tief versinkt in eine ganz eigentümliche individuelle klangwelt.Geschiet es doch, wie im Fall von Shirley Anne Hofmann, dann liegen Vergnügen und Irritation nah beineinander" ...

Die Zeit 1.9.95