L'Ensemble Rayť :

"En Frac"

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Shirley Anne Hofmann : euphonium, trombone, tuba, accordion and voice.
Jean-Vincent Huguenin : tenor guitar, electric bass.
Pierre Kaufmann : clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophones.
Jean-M. Rossel : violin, electric guitar, electric bass, accordion.
Cedric Vuille : ukeleles, cuatro, clarinet, guitar, electric bass.

One day, several members of Débile Menthol, a founding group of the alternative music scene in Switzerland, changed costumes to compose "a little Swiss world music" (Die Weltwoche). L"Ensemble Rayé was born. After two CDs, much theater music and many tours, Jean-Vincent Huguenin (guitar, sitar, bantar and musical hedge hog) and Cédric Vuille (guitar, clarinet, bass, ukulele, theremin and much more) donned their striped tuxedos to record a live studio CD: "En Frac!" (1996), accompanied by guitarist, and violinist Momo Rossel, clarinetist Pierre Kaufmann and the multi instrumentalist Shirley Anne Hofmann.

"A cinema for the ears" (Cash), "a miniature circus, the revival of a real folk tradition" (Impro Jazz)

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