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Bratko Bibic

Growing up with an accordion in Slovenia, it is impossible not to be influenced by the strong fokloric tradition existing there. Bratko Bibic the eccentric accordionist from Ljubljana, has integrated this influence and thereby created his own, unique accordion style.He has sometimes wandered from his roots and traditions, experimented in the avant-garde, dabbled in jazz, all without losing the presence of his Slovenian heritage. Bratko Bibic was the mastermind behind the legendary 70`s band Begnagrad - the forefathers of World Music.The groups' two stunning albums left their mark on music history. He later collaborated with Swiss musicians Momo Rossel and Jean-Vincent Huguenin from Neuchâtel and two Americans -Tom Cora and Pippin Barnett to form the group Nimal, of which three albums were released.Bratko has performed at countless festivals such as the Festival Solo and the Bollwerk International Festival Fribourg in Switzerland, the Tampere Jazz festival in Finnland, the International Jazz Festival Salzburg and the Krems Accordeon Festival in Austria -sharing the stage with Eddie Le Jeune and Taraf de Haidouks.. In May 96` he formed part of the European"Accordion Tribe Tour" featuring Lars Hollmer, Guy Klusevcek, Maria Kalaniemi and Otto Lechner. Bratko lives in Ljublijana where he continues to compose music and perform.


Bratko Bibic:
Bratko Bibic and the madleys of Britko Bebic - CD (LabelUsineS LUS002) Switzerland

Tastare (Theoldwones) CD (Bess Pro Market BPM 0001) Slovenia
Konzert for a Broken Dance (AYAA cdt 11909) France

Voix de Surface - LP/CD (RecDec 31) Switzerland
DisTanz - CD (AYAA cdt 1292) France
Step to Another World Music (booklet info) (RecDec 50) RecRec Music Zurich

LabelUsineS is happy to announce it`s second release: "Bratko Bibic & The Madleys of Bridko Bebic"- Solo accordion, wordless singing, slurping and burbling. A unique accordionist from Ljubliana, Bratko Bibic has developed a totally original accordion style and combines this ingenious creativity with a whole pallet of emotions and charming melodies."Sackamra" (aus der Schatzkammer das unbewusstes) is one of these."Jane" and "Tarotska" (obviously the madleys) are full of pleasure, musicality and a truly wild sense of humour."Euforicna" is what it`s name implies - a euphoric experience, "Tangue" with it`s sultry violins and lilting clarinet takes us somewhere into the orient."Lie-Bach" is B.B`s tongue- in - cheek reference to the great J.S.(B) .This, Bratko`s first solo CD, includes a mixture of studio and live recordings. The CD was nominated for the DeutscAhe Schalplattenkritik award in the field of world music . There are also a few guests namely Bogo Pecnikar (the wild clarinettist from the group Begnagrad), Matjaz Sekne playing a very touching violin, Shirley Anne Hofmann on brass instruments and vocals and Mica X on vocals.Whether it be Bratko Bibic, Bridko Bebic or Brutko Bumbic, all in all a collection of "mad(ley) music!"

Bratko Bibic & The Madleys ...of Bridko Bebic"
CD LUS 002

"...ein unberechenbarer Modernist ,ein emotionsgeschüteltes Temperamentsbündel mit blühender Phantasie und Anarchischem Humor. Der Ober-Madley..."
- Jazzthetik 6/96

" sait se montrer fougueux, drôle, pathetique, tout en restant fidèle à ses racines...un artiste complet sur l'instrument..."
- Improjazz (F) 7/96

"...Bibic stört und verzerrt Folklore, Tanzmusik und Balladen und bringt dabei ein hohes
Mass an Imagination und Virtuosität in seine Musik ein..."
- Swiss Music Info 5/96

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