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Momo Rossel

Born in Neuchâtel, Momo Rossel was a founding member of the legendary group Débile Menthol. From 1979-1985 he toured with this 9 member band from Neuchâtel throughout eastern and western Europe. In 1986 he founded his own recording studio, the "Studio des Usines", together with two other members of the group and began the production of many CDs there.

At the same time he composed music for two Swiss films "Blanc Fatal" by F. Kohler and "Au Nom du Fils" by Frederic Maire.In the same year he composed performed and released his first solo album "NIMAL".In 1987 he formed the group NIMAL based on the compositions from his solo album. The group included Tom Cora (USA) on cello, Bratko Bibic (Slovenia) on accordion, Jean-Vincent Huguenin (Switzerland) on guitar, bass and keyboards and Pippin Barnet (USA) on drums. Between 1988 and 1992, NIMAL toured throughout Europe (Jazz Festival Zurich, Musique Action Internationale de Vandoeuvre les Nancy, Festival Mimi) and in Canada (Festival International des Musiques Nouvelles de Victoriaville), and released the albums "Voix de Surface" (RecRecMusic) and "Distanz"(AYAA ).

Since 1993 at Studio des Usines, Momo Rossel has recorded , mixed and been involved in the production of many LPs and CDs (see Productions Studio des Usines below). In 1995 he founded LabelUsineS, a record label dedicated to new and original music with it`s base in Neuchâtel. Momo continues to compose music for films, notably for the Swiss based children's film club "The Magic Lantern".

Production Studio des Usines :

  • " Même en Hiver" - l'Ensemble Rayé.
  • "Glows in the dark" - Zero Pop
  • "de fond en combles" - des Sâles Combles
  • "un peu d'air" - Manoeuvres d'Automne
  • "Becs et ongles" - Look de Bouk
  • "Démesure révolutionnaire" - Les Batteries
  • "Pieter Both" - A Gethsemani
  • "des pieds des mains" - Octavo
  • "A Ban" - Larsen Rupin
  • "Dis-tanz" - Nimal
  • "Le Rouspéteur" - Basta
  • "Quelques pièces détachées" - l'Ens. Rayé.
  • "short stories" - Die Vögel Europas
  • "A voix basse" - Christane Cohade.
  • "Hey driver, cool down the horses" - Ne Zhdali.
  • "deranged music from Eastern Europe - Juliki
  • "Emile à la campagne" - réedition Débile Menthol
  • "TigerFire" - Volapük
  • "Die Noodle" - Die Knödel
  • "Half Japanese" - featuring Jad Fair and Dizzy Rieder
  • "En Frac" - L`Ensemble Rayé
  • "Idraulica !" -Orkester Ben Jeger
  • "AlpTraum" - Shirle Anne Hofmann
  • "From the Depths" - Shirley Hofmann
  • "Euphoria Live" - Shirley Hofmann


Débile Menthol :

  • Emile au jardin patrologique - LP (RecRecMusic 1), Switzerland.
  • Battre Capagne - LP (RecRecMusic 06), Switzerland.
  • Emile à la campagne - compilation - CD (RecDec60), RecRec Music, Zurich.
  • Step to Another World Music - CD (RecDec 50) RecRec Music, Zurich.


  • Nimal - LP (RecRecMusic 19),Switzerland.
  • Voix de Surface - LP/CD (RecDec 31), Switzerland.
  • DisTanz - CD (AYAA cdt 1292), France.

L`Ensemble Rayé:

  • L`Ensemble Rayé, En Frac - CD (LabelUsineS LUS003), Switzerland.


  • L`Ensemble Rayé : Même en hiver - CD (AYAA cdt 0990), France.
  • Quelques pièces détachées - CD (AYAA cdt 0993), France.
  • Look de bouk - Lacrimae rerum (AYAA), France.
  • Look de bouk - Becs et ongles (AYAA), France.
  • Die Vögel Europas - Short Stories (Zoo media), Germany.
  • Shirley Anne Hofmann`s Euphoria - From the Depths (LabelUsineS LUS001), Switzerland.
  • Manoeuvre D`automne - Un peu d`air (AYAA), France.

Compilations :

  • Voice, Notes, Noise (RecRec No Man`s Land), Germany.
  • Hardis Bruts (In Poly Sons), France.
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