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Shirley Anne Hofmann


  euphonium, pocket trumpet, accordion,voice, live loops and accessories

   Shirley Anne Hofmann posseses the virtuosity , fantasy and competence of a true folk musician and mixes this with her wild avante-garde spirit. Her program “Euphoria” combines wonderful accordion songs and  vocal acrobactics with simple melodies on the euphonium, the tuba’s smaller sister.  With the help of live sample looping, these melodies can  transform themselves,  into a complete orchestra.

   Although she has a profound respect for all that is folkmusic, for Shirley, nothing is sacred.  Her eclectic musical backround enables her to move freely and easily from one  musical genre to another. She has performed  “La Paloma” to the “Beer Barrel Polka” in a 2,000 seat French-Canadian beer palace in Montreal with Slovenian Oberkrainer musicians. With the  wild German avante-garde band  “The Blech”,  she performed on one of the best known stages in the Tokyo, Japan. She has played   at Munich’s famous Oktoberfest and  at  the international art festival “Dokumenta” in Hannover.  She has been on  the best selling germanic television entertainment series “Musikantenstadl” and played at the 75th anniversary Gala of the Swiss national circus “Knie”.

 Shirley Anne Hofmann  uses this  contrastive  experience to mould together her own unique musical world.  Her music let’s you discover the essence of pure melody, harmony, and emotional sincerity;  Your inner eye may see things that do not really exist and if they do then only in far-away places.  You may find yourself in deepest Siberia watching a  russian army brass band pass by  when suddenly you realize that all the while, you’ve  been dreaming, high up on a Swiss Alp.

Shirley has an impeccable taste for the essential. Be it  euphonium or pocket trumpet,  bird whistle or megaphone,  garden hose or  her unique voice, each instrument is meticulously chosen and never superflous.  The result is a kind of modern-day, euro-canadian,  avant-garde folkore brimming with musicality and  humour, which may leave you feeling very very warm, astounded and sometimes even breathless...

“Shirley anne Hofmann ist one of the freshest, most promising phenomenen to appear on the European Avantgarde scene.”  Jazzthetik

“Absolutely wild...New  folklore for the global village.”  Jazzthing

“It is rare to become so deeply immersed while listening to music the for first time “ Die Zeit

“Strange scat and  an electrically -charged euphonium  hack Bohemian and Swiss  roots  to  avant-garde kindling”    Nürnberger Nachrichten

“In her hands, brass horns become the  instigators for a fulminating theater piece. Splendid sillyness!!”  Zurcher Tagesanzeiger

“Enchanting, unbelievably comical, and musically wonderful”  Ruhr Nachrichten

“[Shirley Anne Hofmann ]....definitely one of the highlights of this year’s(2003) Alpentoene(festival)...Urner Wochenblatt

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  • Euphoria Live - solo CD - 2005
  • Unknown Public  16 - Childhood• CD Sampler • childrens music • London 2005
  • Alpentoene Festival 03 - compilation CD -SRG SSR idée suisse and Alpentoene 2004
  • Shirley Anne Hofmann Live at the Centro Arte Contemporanea -solo CD - Sienna, Italy 2004
  • AlpTraum - solo CD - LabelUsineS LUS005 Switzerland 2001
  • From the Depths - solo CD - LabelUsineS LUS001 Switzerland 1995
  • Idraulica - Orkester Ben Jeger -LabelUsineS LUS004 Switzerland 1998
  • L`Ensemble Rayé En Frac - CD LabelUsineS LUS003 Switzerland 1997
  • Pu der Bär - Kein und Aber Records - Zurich, Switzerland 1999
  • The Blech - Liebeslieder CD Jaro 4162-2 Germany 1991


  • The McGill Wind Ensemble (McGill Records) Montreal, Canada
  • Communicats - The Same As Me - Single -(Koch Records) Austria
  • It's All In Your Head - LP Waidele's Conversation Big Band (Rail ) Germany
  • Tiere der Nacht - Hot Stuff CD (RecDec 42 ) Rec Rec Music Switzerland
  • Belly Buttons and the Knockwells - Rock 'n Roll Jamboree (EFA) Germany
  • Nimal - Distanz CD (AYAA cdt 1292) France
  • Jellyfish Kiss - Luna Hotel CD/LP( RecRec 63) RecRecMusic Switzerland
  • Dagmar Aigner - Zwang CD (Z.O.O.15-1) Germany
  • Ohr Wurm - Kinderlieder von Schweizer Bands CD (Tudor rock 8108) Switzerland
  • Bratko Bibic and the madleys of Britko Bebic - CD (LabelUsineS LUS002)Switzerland

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